Beeloo’s AI Transparency

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has the potential to be one of the most transformative technologies in a generation. But it’s not without its complexities. This is why we are choosing to be radically transparent about how we use AI and our company policies in relation to this technology. We also encourage the technology industry as a whole to be more transparent as they adopt AI 

Why be transparent about AI?

Government regulation has always lagged technological innovation. The speed at which a technology can be adopted is increasing. There are now 4.9 billion people connected to the internet and it is estimated that even more have access to a smartphone. A new technology can be used around the world in a matter of days. 

It takes time to know the impact of a new technology. The social media industry is still trying to understand the full impact it has on the mental health of not just adults, but especially children and teens. The ways that personal information was leveraged by many social media companies was not fully understood by the general public for many years, which eventually led to a justifiable outrage by the public. Social media companies then became more transparent with how they use personal information. 

Companies providing AI technologies like OpenAI and Google have put some thoughtful guardrails in place to prevent some of the worst applications of AI, but how effective they and others will be in preventing societal harm is yet to be known. 

AI in particular has the potential to displace jobs more quickly than existing technologies. It also has implications for surveillance, impersonation and perpetuating bias. As such, as a society we should proceed with caution.

There is no doubt that AI will have massively positive benefits. We are a small, bootstrapped company, but we’ve already been able to build functionality and scale at a cost that would have not been possible without AI. Our hope is that AI helps workers be more productive, create many amazing new products (including life-saving medications) and services, and make better decisions.

Some might say that our use of AI is a competitive advantage and should not be disclosed. But we believe it is ethical and worthwhile to disclose our use of AI regardless, as our competitive advantage is multi-fold.

As a society we must always balance the benefits of any new technology with the negative externalities. Our hope is that the lessons we’ve learned from the social media era will drive greater transparency and self-regulation. We understand we are just a small start up, but we challenge other companies large and small to be radically transparent about how you are using AI 

How Beeloo Uses AI

We will keep this page updated as our use of AI evolves. Current version 7/13/2023.

At this time, we are only using third-party AI tools, but we have used API’s to adapt the tools to our own needs. 

Below are our most common AI use cases:

  1. Create imagery and content that goes into our printable activities, crafts and worksheets. 
  2. Create marketing materials like blog posts, social media posts, and website content.
  3. Foster employee productivity, which includes organizing data, idea generation, and more.

Our AI Policies:

  1. We will publicly state when a piece of public-facing written content is primarily AI created. We’ll use “AIC” as an abbreviation for content that was created entirely by AI.
  2. We will acknowledge if any customer or user of Beeloo is communicating with an AI engine instead of a real person. 
  3. A human will review AI-generated content at Beeloo, whether it be products, lines of code, or marketing materials, before it is implemented