5 Activities To Keep Kids Busy When It’s Too Dark To Play Outside

November 7, 2022

It’s that time of year again. We’ve rolled back our clocks and it feels like we are now in a state of perpetual darkness until Spring (except you mountain states…no need to gloat Arizona!).  This doesn’t bode well for busy parents who savor the ability to have the kiddos play outside while we’re attempting to make dinner, pack lunches for the next day, answer emails from teachers, and…well, you know the drill.  The good news is, after more than 100 years, changing our clocks twice a year (or not…you do you) looks to be going away starting in 2023.  The bad news is, we still have one more year of darkness impeding on our much-needed outdoor time for our kids.  To ease the stress, and reclaim your evenings, here are five (screen-free!) activities to keep your kids busy indoors when it’s too dark to go outside:

1. Q-Tip Dart Game Kids Activity – this game uses items you likely already have around the house: straws, q-tips, and some combination of bins/Tupperware/buckets.  Easily adaptable to kids of all ages, this game will surely buy you enough time to get dinner on the table!

2. Left over magazines, newspaper, and even junk mail can be turned into works of art!  Have your artists create a collage that can be hung on the fridge, laminated and used as placemats, or even sent to the grandparents!

3. There are two words guaranteed to excite most kids: kinetic sand.  The possibilities are endless, and unlike its regular sand counterpart, is pretty easy to clean up.  Don’t have any on hand?  You can make your own using this recipe, but younger kids will likely need some assistance.

4. Do you kids love Legos, but need a creative revamp?  Try making these balloon-powered Lego cars!  See how far they can make it go, or have races with different car creations.

5. Want a more comprehensive list of activities?  Head over to AhaParenting to view Your Age-by-Age Guide to Screen-Free Activities Your Child Can Do With Minimal Supervision.

6. BONUS!  Adults need bonuses too.  For more fun-filled activities for your kiddos, head over to our Printables page for coloring pages, mazes, pixleart and more!

Good luck parents.  We know the struggle is real.  We hope these ideas help you get through your evenings, or are at least a better alternative than throwing your kid a headlamp and hoping for the best.  Either way, you do you and let your kids Beeloo!

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