5 Screen-Free Easter Activities to do with Kids

March 8, 2023

Hoppy Easter!  This edition of the Beeloo Blog brings all things bunnies, eggs, and historical rituals.  Having both pagan and Christian roots, Easter will be celebrated this year on April 9th.  Originating as a pagan ritual to celebrate the spring equinox, Easter is also observed by Christians throughout the world in recognition of Jesus’ resurrection, usually around the time of the Jewish Passover. So where did the dyed eggs and the bunny come from? Ancient Babylonians believed that an egg fell from Heaven and landed in the Euphrates River, hatching the goddess of fertility, Astarte (also known as Easter). Pagans would exchange eggs during the springtime festival celebrations, which eventually led to the colorful eggs we see today as a symbol of Easter. Similarly, rabbits have long been seen as a symbol of spring and fertility and the pagan festival of Eostre, represented by a goddess associated with a rabbit, became what we now know as the Easter bunny.  Looking for ways to get in the Easter spirit with your kiddos?  Check out these fun (screen-free!) activities, suitable for the whole family!

1. I love a good scavenger hunt (almost as much as my daughter…maybe more!) and this Easter Scavenger Hunt is sure to be fun for the whole family! The free printables make set up easy and the clues will make mini sleuths of kids young and old.

2. For the price we’re all paying for eggs right now, we might as well get a craft out of it too!  These egg carton bunnies are cute and easy to make with supplies you likely already have at home!

3. Edible mini-houses shouldn’t just be for gingerbread and Christmas. Have fun making an edible Easter Bunny house with graham crackers, seasonal candy, and some frosting.  Even the older kids will enjoy this one (or at the very least will watch the littles and eat the candy while pretending to help!).  

4. If you’re looking for a fun, silly, craft-turned-game, then you have to try the Easter Bunny Jelly Bean Munch!  Another craft with items you likely have on hand, kids will love creating a bunny from a plastic cup and then attempting to “feed the bunny” by rolling jellybeans towards its mouth (although we bet more jelly beans end up in your kiddo’s mouth than the bunny’s!).

5. If your kids are more into sensory activities, then you have to try the Easter Egg Ice Excavation!  Who doesn’t love a good excavation?! Easier to prep than it may sound, some plastic eggs, tupperware, and a turkey baster (or similar water excavation tool!) are all you need to keep the kids entertained with Easter-themed, screen-free fun.

6. Lastly, if you're looking for endless printable activities, crosswords, color by number, coloring pages, grid drawing, word scrambles and more, Beeloo has you covered with not only an Easter theme but a Christian Easter theme to choose from as well. 

Easter is a holiday that is celebrated by many around the world and has a rich history and tradition. From the pagan festival of Eostre to the Christian celebration of Jesus' resurrection, Easter has evolved into a time of renewal, growth, and family gatherings. If you're looking for ways to get into the Easter spirit with your family, these fun and screen-free activities are sure to do the trick. Whether you're into scavenger hunts, crafts, or sensory activities, there's something for everyone to enjoy this Easter season.

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