5 Screen-Free Travel and Road Trip Ideas for Kids

November 15, 2022

It’s that time of year. Checklists will be checked, tickets purchased, and suitcases packed so you can cram your family into a mode of transportation slightly too small for comfort, all in the name of visiting family for the holidays. This is a righteous activity, of course, and may be slightly more bearable than hosting your cousins twice removed at your place. While traveling is hard, traveling with kids can sometimes be nearly impossible. There are never enough snacks for their bottomless tummies, bathrooms for their peanut-sized bladders, or activities for their restless bodies to make it from one place to another unscathed. The struggle is real. Here are 5 games and activities to keep your kids occupied so you can make it to your destination in (mostly) one piece.

1. Skillmatics Guess in 10 Animal game is the updated version of the 10 Questions game we played as kids.  Play in teams or one on one.  Pick a card and others have to ask questions to guess the animal shown on your card.  Is it an herbivore?  Does it live in the forest?  This educational, yet fun game is entertaining for both kids and adults!  Other variations are available if animals aren’t your thing.

2. Does your kid like stickers?  How about paint by number?  This Paint by Sticker activity book combines the best of both worlds!  Use the mosaic stickers to create your picture, no paint or mess involved!

3. Younger kids will get a kick out of Melissa and Doug’s Water Wow activity books.  Just fill the magic brush with water and let your kids “paint” to reveal colorful pictures that can be used over and over again!

4. If a road trip is in your future, this car ride Scavenger Hunt for Kids card game is perfect!  Be on the lookout for a stop sign, motorcycle, yellow house and more!  54 different cards will surely keep the kids occupied well after the freeway on ramp.

5. Have you heard of Wikki Stix?  These waxed yarn strips are easily bendable, moldable, and sculpt-able into endless mess-free shapes and structures.  No cutting, glue, or clean-up required!

Safe travels!  We hope your next travel adventure is as stress-free as possible.  Want more activities for your kids? (or you…we won’t judge!)  Check out our new printable activities, now sort-able by theme, age, and activity type for print-now, play-later fun for your travels!

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