A Guide to the Developmental Benefits of Printable Activities for Kids

February 7, 2023

By now, we hope you know that Beeloo offers tons of fabulously amazing, printable activities and crafts for kids of all ages. But, did you know these activities are also helping your kiddos develop critical skills?! Keep reading to learn about all the ways coloring, mazes, and more are good for your kids! We also have links to resources if you want to dive deeper on the educational benefits of printable activities. 

Coloring - coloring and drawing are likely some of the first craft activities your kiddo learned. From scribbling to carefully staying in the lines, children are developing fine motor skills, training their brains to focus on a task, and allowing their busy bodies a time to relax. Free-form coloring and drawing also promotes creativity. Best of all, free coloring pages are readily available for kids (and adults!) in countless themes that are sure to thrill your little ones. Whether it’s a rainy day, you’re driving in the car, or just need some creative craft time, coloring is a fun and developmentally fabulous option for you and your kids.

Mazes - another fun activity for children of all ages, mazes not only provide a leisurely passtime, but they also offer tremendous benefits! In addition to the wonderful attributes of coloring and drawing, mazes require logic which boosts cognitive function, sharpens concentration, and increases memory. Mazes also strengthen visual skills. Before starting a maze, children scan the page to plan out their next move, allowing them to scrutinize complex settings and overcome obstacles. Mazes are meant to be challenging and often require kids to retrace their steps back to a critical turning point and try again. This builds patience and perseverance while also fostering confidence when children ultimately solve the maze.

Crosswords - while the New York Times may come to mind when you think of crossword puzzles, there are plenty of kid-friendly options available nowadays. You can even find picture crosswords for brand new readers. Crosswords help kids improve their analytical skills, build memory, and improve their vocabulary. Similar to mazes, crosswords also require logic and reasoning, exercising the brain in all kinds of ways! 

Word Searches - building on some of the same benefits of crosswords, word searches improve spelling skills as children look back and forth between the printed word and the puzzle of letters. They will start to look for patterns in the words, which helps with recognition and retention of the word and how it's spelled.

Color by Number Grids - an all-time favorite, color by number activities offer yet another set of benefits for your kiddos!  From the get-go, it requires them to follow instructions. The concept is specific and simple, which is perfect practice especially for younger children. Also appealing to the younger crowd, these activities require color and number recognition which are key preschool and kindergarten readiness concepts (and color by number is way more fun than looking at flashcards!). Older kids will love these too, completing more complex pictures that foster their sense of accomplishment and build confidence.

Are you looking for a one-stop, fabulously easy way to bring all of these great activities to your kids, in themes and patterns they will love?! Look no further than Beeloo’s packet builder. With hundreds of options to choose from, but only 30 seconds to build, you can create a curated, developmentally enriching experience for your kiddos.  

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