Free Unicorn, Christmas and Thanksgiving Printable Activity Packets Now Available

October 24, 2022

The inspiration for Beeloo came when our founder's kids began asking him daily to print coloring pages when he started working from home during the pandemic. One of his daughter’s most consistent requests was Unicorns. That’s right, the magical horse with a horn. 

In fact, a quick look at google search data shows us that parents are looking for Unicorn coloring pages at least +70,000 times a month. That is why we wanted to introduce Unicorn themed printable crafts, including of course, coloring pages. Bust out your crayons, print these off and enjoy!

In addition to the Unicorns, with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, we did not want to wait any longer to share activity packets so that you can start to celebrate these holidays with your kids as soon as you’d like. If you have feedback or requests for a favorite theme, please email and as promised much more will be coming soon!

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