Ideas to Help You Keep Elementary Fast Finishers Learning and Engaged

February 18, 2023

In one of our recent blog posts, we paid homage to teachers and their incredible patience, love, and enduring support for our kiddos.  At Beeloo, we believe in kids and value the adults who have a hand in making them amazing human beings. This, of course, includes teachers! We can only begin to imagine what it’s like to teach 20 or so elementary-aged students day in and day out (it’s not pretty!). On top of the normal curiosities and boundless energy our kids seem to have, it can’t be easy catering to each child’s individual needs.  Some students are better at certain subjects, while others need more guidance and direction. This often leads to some students finishing their work early.  There is a delicate balance here, trying to keep the fast finishers engaged while also helping those that need a little extra time.  We are Teachers has an amazing list of activities, and we’ve also captured a few of our favorites below.

Reading: Encourage your students to read a book when they finish their work early. Set up a classroom library with a variety of books at different reading levels, and allow students to choose books that interest them. This will not only help to improve their reading skills but also foster a love for reading.

Creative writing: Provide a writing prompt or a story starter and encourage students to write a story or poem. This is a great way to challenge their creativity and imagination. You can also give them a topic related to what they have been learning in class, such as writing a persuasive essay on why recycling is important.

Write a letter: letter writing doesn’t have to be a long lost art. Encourage children to write a letter to a distant relative, their caregiver, or even another child in the class. Everyone enjoys getting mail (as long as it’s not bills!) and this activity will give children an opportunity to be on the giving end of such happy moments.

Create a collage: round up some old magazines for kids to cut and make various collage’s about things that interest them or into different creative projects.  

Research: Give students a topic to research and allow them to use the internet or other resources in the classroom to gather information. This can be a great way to build their research skills and improve their ability to find and evaluate information.

Art projects: Set up an art station with a variety of materials, such as colored pencils, markers, paint, and paper. Encourage students to create a drawing or painting related to what they have been learning in class. For example, if they have been studying animals, they could draw their favorite animal or create a collage of different animals.

Printable activities: Provide a selection of fun and educational activities that students can do with out the use of screens. No one has as many free and fun options as Beeloo. This can be not only a fun and engaging way for students to review and reinforce what they have learned, but many printable activities hone various development skills for young children.

Fast finishers can be a challenge, but with a little planning and creativity, you can keep them engaged and learning while the rest of the class finishes their work. Encourage your students to read, write, research, create, and play educational games. By providing a variety of activities, you can help students develop new skills and interests, and ultimately make the most of their time in the classroom.

Good luck teachers! There are only a few more months left in the school year!

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