Introducing the Newest Additions to Beeloo: Grid Drawing printables, Harder Sudoku, Maze Shapes, Packet link sharing, Airport theme and More!

March 8, 2023

Today we are happy to announce major updates to Beeloo. A month and a half ago, we announced that we had hit a milestone of 5,000 printable activities on Beeloo. We are excited to share that only a month and half later we’ve almost tripled the amount of screen free printable activities for kids available for free on Beeloo to 14,000! 

Once again, we’ve returned humbly to the drawing board after getting feedback that one of our activities is not tough enough for some of these brainiac kids. We’ve now made it even harder. Click here to see our most difficult Sudoku activities. Pro tip: Don’t forget to scan the QR code for solutions on every page. 

We are now adding themes almost every week, but one of our most recent ones is an Airport theme. Be sure to check the mazes for a shape maze of the code of your local airport. 

Our newest activity type addition is Grid Drawing. We’ve added thousands of Grid Drawing printable activities across all of our themes at varying levels of difficulty. This is a fun one for aspiring artists of all ages and develops observational and spatial awareness art skills. 

We’ve made improvements to several of our activity types. Do you know what is more fun than a maze? A maze in the shape of something awesome! See the fun shapes across all of our themes. Check out this short video to see some of our most fun shapes. Personally, the snake is my favorite.

We’ve been blown away by the creativity around the types of activity packets parents, teachers and other caregivers make with Beeloo packet builder. We wanted to make it easier to share with another parent, friend or fellow teacher, so now you can create a packet on Beeloo and share it with a link so that others can download it.

A big thanks to the Beeloo team for making this happen and all of our early adopters that have been so generous with their feedback to help us improve our platform.

Derek Pando - CEO and Founder of Beeloo

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