Introducing the Newest Additions to Beeloo: Word Scrambles, Crossword Puzzles, Harder Mazes, Mermaids, Accounts and More!

January 20, 2023

Today we are happy to announce major updates to Beeloo. Our team has been hard at work to fulfill our vision of creating a daily alternative to screen time through printable crafts and activities.

Part of what makes screen time so addictive and appealing to kids is the variety of shows, movies or games that they can access. Kids love options. That is why we are excited to announce two new craft types added to the platform.

These two new craft types provide not only entertainment but practice key early reading skills. We’ve added word scramble crafts across all of our themes at various difficulty levels. These additional crafts now take our total platform craft count to over 5,000!

We also now have crossword puzzles, including picture crossword puzzles for the new reader for our Ocean, Transportation, Animal and Martin Luther King Jr Day themes. If you have never seen a picture crossword puzzle, check out this video from one of our lead product testers. Even brand new readers can have a lot of fun with picture crossword puzzles.

It’s safe to say that a lot of kids love animals and the mystical creatures, mermaids, so we are excited to say we now have them as themes. In case you missed it, we also added MLK Day and Cats a few weeks ago.  

Kids love mazes. We've gotten feedback that for some kids and parents that the mazes we had were just not hard enough. That's why we've now pushed the limits and made our mazes even harder.

We will continue to aggressively add craft types and themes so that your kids have endless options to keep them excited daily.

Now that our total number of crafts on Beeloo are over 5,000 we have improved search to better help find crafts your kids will love. You can now toggle on and off various themes and crafts right in the drop down menu to help you create a printable packet that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Lastly, we’ve seen parents on Beeloo make amazing customized printable packets to teach their kids about a holiday like MLK day, for their kids to do while they make dinner each night or to take with them to a restaurant for the long wait for food. We know you might want to print the same packet or update it, so you can now create a profile to view, organize and edit packets that you’ve made. As part of your profile you can opt in or out of various themes depending on interests and outline the likes and dislikes for your kids.

We will be asking power users to create accounts and share their preferences because in the future Beeloo will be able to build printable activity packs automatically based on your use and interests as seamlessly as Spotify creates a playlist for you or Netflix recommends a movie. We hope you’re excited about all these updates as we are and please reach out if you have any feedback.

A big thanks to the Beeloo team for making this happen and all of our early adopters that have been so generous with their feedback to help us improve our platform.

Derek Pando - CEO & Founder of Beeloo

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